DIY Photo Coasters

A while back, I traveled to San Francisco to host a 40th surprise party for a good friend and old coworker Ernie.  He is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, so it was natural theme for the party.  For the perfect personal touch, I made photo coasters for each table using pictures of Ernie with guests.  They were a huge hit! To get more details on the party and tips on how to host a stress-free adult celebration, check out my post on a good friend’s blog White Table Style.  

Today, I thought I would share how you can add a extra personal touch to any celebration with making photo coasters.  They are simple and you can use photos of the guest of honor from childhood, during some of their favorite moments, or with guests who are attending the party.  Here’s the easy step by step process.

Needed Supplies:

1.  Heavyweight 4″ blank paper coasters – I found mine here on Etsy and they worked out great!

2.  Photo Paper – I used Canon Pro Platinum paper because it works best with my printer.  Feel free to choose any high quality photo paper that works for you.  

3.  Spray Adhesive – I used a photo mount adhesive because that I what I already had on hand. You can find spray adhesive at your local craft or hardware store.  

4.  Krylon Crystal Clear Spray Paint – This will be used to seal each coaster to prevent against water damage and can be found at your local craft or hardware store.

5.  Thin Marker or Pen

6.  Scissors

Steps to Make Coasters: 

1.  Select and organize your photos.  Make sure that the important part of the photo will fit nicely on a 4″ circle.  I also decided to change all of my photos to black and white in order to better match the rest of the party decor.

2. Print off all your photos on photo paper.

3.  With a thin marker or pen, trace  the circumference of a coaster on each photo. Cut out each circle.

4.  Use the spray adhesive to mount each photo to a coaster, making sure to line it up properly.  Because I’m not the best circle cutter, I ending up taking a fine grit sand paper to lightly smooth around the edges of each coaster so they were perfect.  Make sure they are completely dry before doing this.  It’s not something you have to do, I’m just a perfectionist!

5. After the coasters are completely dry, use the acrylic paint to coat and seal each coaster.  Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area.  The smell is quite strong, so I recommend letting the coasters air out for several days.  Also, beware that the coating might make the photo slightly darker in color.

Thats it! Now you have fabulous personalized photo coasters that can be used to make your next party extra special.  Don’t forget to tie them up with a ribbon afterwards and send them home with the guest of honor as a gift!